Bride2B Journal (1)

As some of you may know I am currently planning my own wedding. Working in the industry certainly has its perks; I booked my florist, photographer, lighting, tables, chairs and the venue rather quickly. No research time needed there! But then it was time to find THE DRESS which I thought was going to be an easy task. Um noooo. I went to 7 bridal stores and didn’t fall in love, there was one that was flirting with me but I wasn’t sure the relationship would last. More on the dress later..

Planning a wedding is a whirlwind even when you’ve been working in the industry! I found choosing a caterer quite hard as they all quoted so differently so it was really hard to compare them. I had no doubt about the quality of food from the various caterers I requested quotes from, so it came down to customer service, food presentation and trust for me. The catering is the largest expense for us so a lot of thought went in to the decision.

A few things to look out for when comparing quotes:

How many floor staff are they providing?

If you’re trying samples how do they present the food?

Will they help set the table?

Think about your venue, does it have a full kitchen or do they need to bring everything in?

Are the canapés hot or cold?

Are there things on the quote you don’t need?

Now, choosing the right DJ is crucial, I can’t stress that enough. They can make or break your night and boy can they break it. I had 3 DJs who were on top of my list so I contacted each of them (1 year in advance) for a quote. They were all booked! Slight panic.. stay calm Kate. They then suggested a few more of their own recommendations, I did some more research and we locked one in. Breathe.

A few tips on finding a good DJ:

The obvious one.. word of mouth referrals

Compare prices, this can be a good indicator. DJs can charge up to $2,000 for a wedding, if a quote seems too good to be true it probably is

Look at their resume if they play at public venues or festivals this can also be a great sign

A good DJ can read the crowd and play the right music. You also need to remember the guests at a wedding range dramatically in age, so they have a tough job to do.

To be continued….