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When choosing your celebrant it can be tempting to go for a cheap option or someone not necessarily recommended, but looks good on their website or social media page! I spent a few minutes with Perth celebrant Kirk Goodsell to get the low down, and to ask for a few helpful hints in regards to your ceremony and choosing a celebrant. I had the pleasure of seeing Kirk marry my fiancé's brother as well as my best friend. There is definitely skill involved and I also find that professional celebrants assist with the smooth running of the ceremony, as well as provide general support in the lead up and when things go wrong (and yes it does happen!).

Kirk, what advice can you give to couples choosing a celebrant for their big day?

When choosing a celebrant, find someone who you build a rapport with. Someone who makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and excited! A celebrant is not selling a product, they are selling themselves so when researching look for someone who you think you would be friends with! I think it's totally irrelevant the gender, age and popularity of the celebrant, if you really like them, they'll most likely deliver the perfect ceremony for you!

What do you love about your job?

I love having such a special role on one of the biggest days in most people's lives! How cool is it that I get to 'marry' people! It a true honour that couples trust me to perform such a sacred ritual. I also totally love getting all suited up for the big day! My suit, shirt, ties and boots collection is forever expanding!

How can couples make their ceremony a bit more special or personal?

Telling the couple's 'story' is the best way to make it personal - how did the couple meet, get engaged, milestones they have achieved? What do you love about each other? What annoys you about each other? Also involving family and friends in a ceremony is very special and personal. I love it when a family member sings or plays a musical instrument. If not musically-skilled, how about asking a family member to write a short reading or poem about you both as a couple... you may want to preview it though before the big day! Personalised vows add a very special element to the ceremony too!

How much should people budget approximately for a celebrant?

Like any other wedding vendor, celebrant prices vary greatly from $500-$1000. The average is around $650-$700. Some celebrants have a fixed rate no matter time of year and day of week, others price accordingly. Personally I don't have 'fixed' rates and provide a customised quote for each wedding taking into consideration date, time and location.

Have you had any really interesting ceremony locations or memorable moments?

This will sound cliche but there are too many to list! From performing my sister's wedding in Nusa Dua, to marrying a couple on stage at 'The Espy' in St Kilda on a Friday night, to breath-taking views from Kings Park and the many picturesque wineries in the Swan Valley... they all just rock! However, my latest claim to fame is that 'apparently' I was the first celebrant to perform a wedding ceremony at Elizabeth Quay!

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