Hair and Makeup

I spent a few minutes with the girls from The Pretty Parlour to ask them for a few quick tips and hints in regards to your wedding hair and makeup!

On the big day, in what order do you recommend the bride and bridesmaids get ready?

We normally suggest doing the Bride either 2nd last or last for hair or make up.

In the lead up, do you have any advice for brides in regards to skin scare?

I truly believe that drinking loads of water is super important for everyone's skin.. I also think it is important to follow a good skin care regime recommended to them by their beautician.

When do you suggest a bride should wash their hair? The day before.. on the day?

We get asked this a lot and most people think the dirtier the hair the better, this is SO not the case! We would rather a bridal party have squeaky clean hair. If the hair is too soft we can always add products to give it texture and hold. If the hair is dirty it tends to look dull and separate and there is no amount of dry shampoo that will save it.

Favourite product in your make up bag?

Primer!! It really can make a huge difference to the skin and how it sits on the face it also adds longevity to the face of make up.

Best piece of advice for a bride to be -

Relax!! Try not to stress about things that our out of your hands. Trust the professionals you have handpicked to make everything perfect for your special day! Remember to breathe, and take every single moment in.